Strategic empathy is your ability to utilise and increase your empathetic awareness and intent to become a more effective leader. Rather than a soft or vague trait, it is a learned skill than can be optimised in different environments and circumstances within your business to pack a significant punch. Our approach is based on current scientific and psychological principles.

What changes in your leadership would be needed for your employees to feel inspired and your customers to believe that you genuinely valued them?

  • Understand the impact of when we are less sensitive to employees
  • Consider how you see and perceive others
  • Recognise what mind sets may impede empathy or may cause deceptive thinking in your organisation
  • Ramp up your level of strategic empathy and know where to employ it in leadership
  • Lead through increasing sensitivity towards others requirements and challenges
  • Increase your empathetic intelligence to understand others
  • Look beneath the surface to establish meaningful relationships
  • Make and communicate tough decisions whist increasing strategic empathy towards others
  • Develop a safe environment for your employees that enables them to adapt to change and crisis
  • Develop your leadership strategy to perspective take with employees and customers
  • Enhance your communication and influence in motivating others with strategic empathy
  • Create a climate that is outward focussed on helping others to achieve and align behind business goals
  • Lead through taking responsibility and develop a culture of taking greater self-responsibility and openness

We offer you and your organisation tailored training and coaching in developing strategic empathy and mindset transformation. Contact us today to find out more.