There is considerable scientific evidence which underpins the importance of compassion towards self and others in reducing and managing anxiety and fear, whilst also increasing overall resilience. In addition there is significant research highlighting the importance of compassion both in regards to positive treatment outcomes and in the establishment of general mental and physical wellbeing.

There are a number of major applications for enhancing therapeutic compassion that can significantly benefit patients in Medical and Dental settings. Firstly, is the level of compassionate intent expressed both verbally and nonverbally towards patients during treatment and secondly, is the level of one’s self compassion that the patient can employ towards themselves as a major coping strategy. At Mindset Intelligence a consistent theme running throughout our hypnotic approaches and training is to seek to optimise and utilise focussed compassion as an effective skill that can be learned and significantly benefit both patient and practitioner.

We can show you how to maximise the therapeutic use of compassion during medical and dental procedures, in order to enhance both the patient experience and their ongoing wellbeing.