Gavin Emerson  established Mindset Intelligence in response to the need for specialist training in Clinical Hypnosis and enhanced patient centred communication within the medical and dental sectors. Gavin has been a practising therapist for over 25 years and also has a specialist interest in the considerable psychological a physiological benefits of enhancing compassion & self compassion. He has extensive experience in treating a broad range of problems in which clinical hypnotherapy may be a recommended treatment option.

Over the past 15 years he has also integrated his therapeutic skills into helping others manage the significant emotional impact of interactional conflict and parental disputes. Throughout this period he developed his interest and understanding of how compassion towards one self and others can dramatically influence communication and reduce levels of distress.

Within his career Gavin has worked in a variety of specialist arenas including running a Brief Strategic Therapy Clinic in Harley Street, assisting clients recover from PTSD and trauma in medical/legal personal injury cases. He also has significant experience in training Therapists, Psychologists and Medical Professionals in both Clinical/ Medical and Dental Hypnosis and Brief Strategic Therapy. Gavin has developed many innovative training programmes in these areas which have been CPD approved by a number of Royal College’s.

Gavin incorporates compassion based approaches throughout his therapeutic work and in addition regularly speaks at relevant international conferences. He is also a Fellow of the British Society of Hypnosis in recognition of his service to the profession.


Dr Robert Dupe, Scientific Advisor, BA, BSc, PhD

Robert Dupe is key medical/scientific advisor at Mindset Intelligence, providing pivotal clinical and biological understanding. He has worked on may ground breaking projects with Gavin Emerson in the fields of clinical, medical and dental hypnosis. Robert is a vastly experienced lecturer and presenter who has considerable experience in pharmaco-biology, that underpins Hypnosis and Therapeutic Communication. He also has extensive experience in applying Clinical Hypnosis within NHS and private settings.


Nikki Rollings, Dip (HE) Clinical Hypnosis, DCHyp

Nikki completed her Diploma HE in Clinical Hypnosis in 2010 with Distinction. She is an experienced therapist and has developed a deep and practical passion for the application of Clinical Hypnosis for pain control and anxiety management. Nikki also has a particular interest in the application of compassion-based approaches in a Clinical Hypnosis setting which she integrates into her therapeutic work. She has considerable experience in the supervision and ongoing support of students studying Clinical Hypnosis on our programmes. Nikki is also an accredited Hypnotherapist for Anxiety UK and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.


Rizwana Hajiyani, Dip (HE) Clinical Hypnosis

Rizwana  is a highly experienced therapist with a special interest in Anxiety and Stress related issues. She gained her qualification in Brief Strategic Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis on a BSc Hons Degree Programme in 2012. Additionally, Rizwana is also an Accredited ADR Mediator, Accredited IMA Coach and Trainer. She also has considerable experience in supporting student learning and the development of courses.