Welcome to Mindset Intelligence. We aim to provide medical & dental professionals with bespoke courses in Clinical Hypnosis & Therapeutic Communication. Mindset Intelligence has developed its bespoke training courses in response to the increasing demand from Medical, Dental and aligned specialists for training in these areas.  Whether you are looking for innovative approaches to enhance patient engagement or wishing to broaden your existing skills and knowledge in therapeutic communication to reduce patient anxiety and improve others lives, we will provide you with the information you need to take your studies further and enhance your patient centric communication.


Mindset Intelligence – for over twenty-five years the Mindset Intelligence team has been at the forefront of utilising and training professionals in Clinical Hypnosis and Advanced Therapeutic Communication Skills. Our team have developed innovative training programmes that have subsequently been University Accredited and CPD approved by a number of Royal Colleges. In addition, members of the Mindset Intelligence team helped develop the first recognised Higher Education Undergraduate Programme in Clinical Hypnosis in the UK. Moving on from this project to develop ground-breaking courses and bespoke training programmes in Hypnosis & Therapeutic Communication for Medical, Dental, and aligned professionals.  “The primary goal being to enhance patient engagement, patient experience and support positive treatment outcomes”. To this end Mindset Intelligence is currently embarking on several initiatives, including collaborating with teaching hospitals  and academic institutes to provide dental and healthcare professionals with the highest quality training in the practical application of Clinical Hypnosis and Therapeutic Communication.