What is A Conflict Intelligence?

Conflict Intelligence, refers to how people engage in disputes and the underlying mindset and strategies they employ, based upon their prior learning, understanding of themselves and others, and life experience. This also includes their awareness of cognitive, emotional, and behavioural elements that may contribute to, or escalate such interactions. In addition, their empathetic awareness of others, and their systemic understanding, that is being applied to their particular dispute.

With the ultimate aim of encouraging the dispute system away from its limited negative trajectory and towards more positive circumstances needed for its evolution. It is recognised that by strategically increasing your awareness of the above and by utilising this information.  You can dramatically increase your conflict intelligence, enabling you to maximise your ability to engage, manage and transform your dispute in a more constructive direction.

Developing a Conflict Intelligence Mindset

Effective dispute engagement and transformation is not about avoiding conflict, being passive or aggressive, rather it is an opportunity to engage in creative change and adaptation. It involves developing a mind set that allows individuals and organisations to constructively increase their understanding of their circumstances and manage negative emotions,  whilst also increasing awareness as to how they may also be inadvertently contributing to their dispute. This enables management of emotions, greater compassion and self compassion, assertive and constructive communication, whilst also increasing insightful awareness of both themselves and the other parties involved.  This process maximises the opportunity for generating new options, constructive outcomes and creating the right environment for reaching consensual agreements. Whilst simultaneously aiming to reduce the significant negative emotional impact and possible financial loss upon those involved, whether it be of a personal, family or professional nature. Ultimately, how parties increase self awareness learn and develop new creative strategies for dispute resolution based on the above, is fundamental in reaching consensual agreements and in changing deeper dynamics and old patterns that may have maintained their dispute over a protracted period.

Our Approaches

Our approaches to dispute resolution, including developing a conflict intelligence mind set, managing unhelpful emotions, enhancing strategic communication, dispute coaching and psychologically informed mediation, aim to transform disputes in a more constructive direction. They are based upon scientific and psychological principles that under pin conflict and creating the necessary circumstances to facilitate the transformation of a broad range of disputes.

 By seeking to understand the complex sequence of interactions and narrative that may have led to and be maintaining your dispute from a psychological perspective.  We can assist you to change and transform the dispute pattern in a more constructive direction.

We can help mitigate and manage unhelpful emotions, the forming of rigid adversarial positions on both sides that may often prevent resolution. With the additional aim of reducing the psychological impact of such disputes.

We help you identify areas of possible conflict distortions which may also be contributing to the outcome you do not want.

We also offer ongoing assistance, focussed brief psychological support and individual dispute coaching to either one both parties in dispute. Also offering advice on managing your dispute and seeking to improve communication.

By working with you, we can assist you in developing more effective problem solving strategies to meet your needs and transforms your dispute.

We can in addition help you to learn how communicate your concerns in a way that decreases resistance, increases understanding and acknowledgement and where appropriate builds greater trust.

Conflict Mindset Coaching – Supporting You & Your Team

We have developed a unique approach to conflict mindset coaching and support for clients in dispute. This is based upon current psychological understanding regarding the emotional impact of such experiences and utilising scientific principles as to how disputes develop, are maintained and ultimately can be transformed.

Our conflict coaching offers multiple strategies and knowledge to help increase conflict intelligence. Whether you are personally involved in a conflict or deal with disputes in your professional life. Our aim is to equip you with enhanced psychological awareness and practical skills, to assertively and compassionately manage and resolve disputes and understand others.  In addition, building confidence and supporting you in reducing the significant emotional impact of such disputes upon yourself and others in your environment.


Conflict mindset coaching involves assisting you to develop a deeper understanding of the multitude complex factors involved in conflict. These may range from communication issues, historical experience, negative emotions, conflict avoidance, self deception as to how you may be contributing to your dispute, to significant or poorly unexpressed emotions.

Rather than trying to directly change the personalities of the parties involved in the dispute, or to reach premature and forced agreements. We primarily target the mindset of those involved, and the subsequent negative emotions or maladaptive dispute resolution and communication skills employed. Which can be identified as core features in the development and negative maintenance of such disputes and greatly impact those involved.

By recognising such factors from a systemic and psychological perspective, strategies can be readily employed to encourage increased self-awareness, better management of emotions, improved assertive communication, and increasing self empowerment. All leading to the establishment of new functional patterns for effective problem resolution. By changing how you understand and interact with the dispute, not only will likely change the dispute system, in many cases it will also positively influence how the other side also constructively engages. All leading towards transformation and change of the dispute in a more constructive direction.

Sessions will be tailored to your unique and individual needs or both parties in the dispute. Increasing conflict intelligence will likely involve enhancing your understanding of some of the following areas and developing new practical skills.

In the unfortunate event that further litigation is still necessary, in many instances  we can still assist, particularly to ensure that your narrative is understood and that you also feel listened to. In addition, that the need for litigation is continually approached with a constructive attitude and long term outcome in mind and that you feel supported throughout the process.