Hypnosis & Hypnotic Communication in the Management of Patient Anxiety CPD (Held at the Royal College of Anaesthetists).

Clinical Content Leads – Presented and Developed by Gavin Emerson & Dr Richard Martin


Course Content

  • Introductions- Guidelines and expectations for the day including a short demonstration of facilitating a hypnotic response on a delegate volunteer.
  • Clinical Applications of Medical Hypnosis/ Benefits and application in Anaesthesia
  • Understanding Everyday Hypnoidal States – Defining hypnotic experiences.
  • Mind Body Communication – A short practical demonstration followed by a group practice session. Demonstrating how our communication can influence the patient
  • Common Misconceptions- Dispelling some of the major misconceptions around hypnosis and hypnotic communication.
  • Important Phases – Effective Formal Induction of Hypnosis –Understanding the structure and process to inducing hypnosis. With the major emphasis on facilitating parasympathetic dominance and anxiety reduction.
  • Eye Fatigue Inductions – Self and External Objects/ Relaxation Inductions/Deepening-Awakening the subject 
  • Importance of use of voice and nonverbal communication – Including tempo, tone, congruency, mirroring/leading/ intent.
  • Utilising tactile based approaches/ 10-1 & safe place induction and deepening – Utilising touch, numbers and engaging the patient’s imagination and resources to induce hypnosis.
  • Introduction to Naturalistic & Conversational Approaches. Expanding the utility of hypnosis. Utilising naturally occurring micro hypnotic experiences to facilitate hypnotic responses.
  • Patient safety and contra indications- Guide lines for the ethical application of hypnotic approaches.



Some Delegate feedback



Mindset Intelligence – for over twenty-five years the Mindset Intelligence Team has been at the fore front of promoting, utilising, and training others in such therapeutic communication skills.   “The primary goal being to enhance patient engagement, patient experience and support positive treatment outcomes”. To this end Mindset Intelligence is currently embarking on several initiatives, including collaborating with teaching hospitals to provide dental and health care professionals with the highest quality training in the practical application of Medical & Dental hypnosis.