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Our approach to dispute resolution involves developing greater conflict intelligence that can dramatically transform disputes between people and reduce the negative emotional impact on all involved.

What difference would it make in disputes, whether in your personal/ family relationships or work environment, if each person could really understand and value the others perspective? What if each person involved viewed helping ‘the other side’ as being the fundamental foundation to a resolution and reaching their own goal?

  • Change and transform the dispute pattern to form a more constructive direction
  • Reduce the immense emotional, time and financial cost of disputes with empathy
  • Understand the impact of when we are less sensitive to others and consider how you see others when in dispute
  • Mange strong emotions and conflict blindness that emerge in disputes that cloud perspective
  • Inject strategic compassion and empathy to dilute the dispute environment
  • Develop a mindset that sees people beyond the dispute
  • Utilise strategic empathy to learn more about other perspectives
  • Move the climate away from disagreement to collaboration
  • Move from blame to responsibility with strategic empathy
  • Develop effective collaborative problem-solving strategies to meet your needs and transform your dispute
  • Deal effectively with complaints with strategic empathy
  • Have difficult conversations in a way that decreases resistance, increases understanding and acknowledgement, and where appropriate, builds greater trust

We offer you and your organisation tailored training and coaching in developing strategic compassion and conflict intelligence. Contact us today to find out more.