Strategic empathy is your ability to utilise and increase your empathetic awareness and intent to enhance responses to specific situations between people. It is strategic in that, as a learned skill, it can be optimised in different environments and circumstances to improve relationships. It has been identified as a core strength in the highest functioning teams, ranging from Google to the SAS. Our approach is based on current scientific and psychological principles.

What would be the impact within your organisation if everyone focussed on helping each other?

We can help you in developing a team centric approach to improve group interaction on every level.

  • Better understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of other team members
  • Consider how you see your co-workers (seeing people as people)
  • Help team members to see challenges from each others perspective
  • Assist team members to recognise their impact on the whole team
  • Utilise strategic empathy to improve team communication
  • Enhance collaboration and collaborative problem solving
  • Improve team cohesion and alignment through increasing awareness
  • Encourage greater innovation and creativity
  • Develop a culture of taking greater self-responsibility and openness
  • Increase a teams’ sense of self value and inclusivity
  • Reduce resistance between colleagues or unhealthy competition
  • Address and reduce workplace conflict
  • Improve commitment, loyalty, morale, and motivation within your team
  • Help your team to adapt to significant change and uncertainty
  • Reduce workplace stress and absenteeism
  • Improve productivity and efficiency


We offer you and your organisation tailored training and coaching in developing strategic empathy and mindset transformation. Contact us today to find out more.