Gavin Emerson, Founder, Mindset Intelligence
Gavin has decades of experience as a brief strategic therapist, also specialising in clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. His focus has primarily been on helping others to adapt and evolve through a multitude of life challenges, whilst developing greater awareness of themselves. As a therapist he has worked with leading figures in their fields from CEO’s, to Judges, celebrities and politicians. Gavin is also a highly experienced conflict intelligence specialist, where he assists in reducing the immense negative emotional impact on those involved, whilst encouraging constructive engagement and resolution. He has extensive experience in developing and presenting professional and self development training programmes for health professionals, the corporate sector and in higher education.

Dr Robert Dupe, Scientific Advisor, BA, BSc, PhD

Robert Dupe is key medical/scientific advisor at Mindset Intelligence, providing pivotal clinical and biological understanding. He has worked on may ground breaking projects with Gavin Emerson in the field of education and brief therapy.  Robert is a vastly experienced lecturer and presenter who has considerable experience in pharmaco-biology, that underpins and may also impede emotional, cognitive and behavioural aspects of strategic empathy. Robert  is also extremely proficient in helping others to develop greater self compassion and psychological awareness and has a special interest in the management of stress and anxiety In his scientific career  has also spent considerable time in the field of cardiovascular medicine and has considerable experience lecturing on both post graduate and undergraduate programmes.


Jenny Wagstaff, Mindset Awareness Therapist, Psychotherapist (MBACP)

Jenny is qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Person Centred Therapy, Couples Counselling,Psychodynamic and Existential Analysis. She is also an Accredited Mediator to International Standards (CIArb). Civil, Commercial, Workplace and Employment Mediation. As a Mindset Awareness Therapist, Jenny offers individuals a way to explore negative thoughts and why we continue to believe them, and ultimately how we can change them. This can dramatically change the way we feel and behave towards ourselves and those around us. Direct contact


Mindset Intelligence Collaborative Network 

We also rely on a network of experts to share knowledge and continuously assist us in increasing our strategic understanding of empathy and compassion. Our network is comprised of advisors and consultants from the fields of communication, psychology, business, dispute resolution, coaching, science, medicine and therapy. We all share a passion for increasing empathy and continue to build innovative approaches that enhance strategic empathy across a broad range of  professional environments. If you have a specialist interest in empathy and compassion and would like to share your ideas and experiences or would like to join our network, please contact us directly.


Although unorthodox we also consider it of great importance to acknowledge that all our past and present clients, with their life experiences and knowledge, although remaining strictly confidential,  play a vital and implicit role in increasing our evolving understanding.


Our Mission

  • Helping people to maximise their levels of empathy and compassion to build greater connection and relationships with others.
  • Enabling others to develop mindsets that lead to transformational growth within individuals and organisations.
  • Challenging self-limiting thought processes and behaviour, that may inhibit self-responsibility and the attainment of goals.


Our Vison

  • To enable every person irrespective of race or background, the opportunity to recognise and fulfil their unique compassionate potential and humanity towards all others.
  • Developing new meaningful connections in all aspects of their lives whilst building greater depth in the pre-existing relationships.