Mindsets are made up of psychological structures that influence how we think, feel and experience our external and internal environment. In general, all mindsets (or mind states) have an implicit value on some level, and they act like perceptual filters through which we see and organise and our understanding of the world.Mindsets also tend to organise our experiences so that we perceive them in certain ways

Even though they can also be incredibly useful, sometimes they can also limit us and our awareness and sensitivity, leading to levels of psychological blindness or self-deception both in relation to ourselves and others (as people can often over rely on pre-existing or old mindsets to understand new situations). Our mindsets may also greatly influence how you perceive and understand others in relation to ourselves, which can both enhance or seriously damage those relationships.

Mindset intelligence involves greatly increasing our available awareness to both the self limiting aspects of certain mindsets and their impact on relationships and lives.  Whilst also providing the skills and deeper understanding that encourage more adaptive mindsets to grow and connect with others, and which assist our relationships to flourish.